People Watching Richie Zeng

Name: Richie Zeng

Occupation: CEO and cofounder of Wearhaus. We make headphones that allow you to sync up with other Wearhaus headphones and listen to music with your friends.

Worst Habit? I'm terrible at getting out of bed in the morning. One the flip side, I'm REALLY good at sleeping. I can sleep through anything.

What Fascinates you? What fascinates me and drives me every day are the new challenges that come up while running a hardware startup. Things like managing a team, planning out marketing strategies, developing software, and working out retail deals are all things I have the pleasure of working on with my team.

Favorite place you have visited? Hong Kong is beautiful, one of the coolest cities I've been in. I used to be pretty interested in photography, and one of the best photos I've ever taken was in Hong Kong on top of Victoria Peak.

Musical Muse of the moment? One of my favorite bands right now is Walk the Moon, and one of my favorite DJs is called Milkman. We interviewed him on our company's music blog. [ED - check the interview here]

Best piece of advice someone has ever given you? One thing a friend once told me is that if you're smart and well-intentioned, things will always work out for you in the end. That attitude is what helps me get through the challenging moments in life.

Best piece of advice you today, would give yourself 10 years ago? I'd tell myself to always be open to new experiences, because they ultimately make you a more interesting person.

What would be your last meal? I'm always down for a medium rare ribeye.

First coffee memory or most memorable coffee moment? My most memorable coffee moment was when I successfully made a latte heart for the first time. A company I interned at one summer had a really nice espresso machine, and I'd make a latte for myself every day until I finally got the technique down (a week before the internship was over).

Any parting words? Take the path that results in the most interesting story.