Meet the Maker - Thomas Cahoon Crafts the Artis Custom Pour Over Stand

Tell us about your shop. How did you get started?

I first began working with wood and metal in my dad's workshop in our family's garage, mainly building sculptures and parts for my truck. I took a gap semester before college and worked in a welding shop, and flowing college began working in an ornamental steel shop and building custom wood and metal furniture on the side. I got lucky to have a friend opening a coffee shop in Denver, and I was able to design and build bunch of their interior furnishings. That was what really set the wheels in motion to be a design/builder. I have been able to rest my mind from what the next thing I want to build is since that project. After bouncing around in a few more wood and metal shops for a few years, I opened up my own studio in Campbell, CA called Pearl Mfg. Co, where I do all my work today. It's been a process, but I'm finally paying my bills with something I love. I couldn't be happier with my job. 

 What's an exciting project you are working on right now?

I tend to be pretty excited for most new projects. I love the design and prototype process. I'm doing a lot of metal work on some big shelving/planter units that's keeping me pretty busy, and after that I get to flex my creative muscles with some fun wood and metal shelving for a really nice house in SF. 

What’s your go-to coffee drink? 

Black French press, every morning and afternoon. If I'm stopping by a coffee shop it's always a treat to have a great latte. 

Was there a coffee/cup of coffee that changed your life?  

I once slept in the cab of a Ford Ranger, while it snowed in Yellowstone in June and had a terrible night of sleep, and was pissed and cold. My friend and I cruised down to the Yellowstone lodge and bought large coffees, wrote postcards and watched Old Faithful erupt in the early morning. That is certainly my favorite/most memorable cup of coffee. 

 What coffee social accounts do you follow to stay up on what’s brewing? Any other influential social accounts (doesn't have to be coffee related) you want to share?

I lived in Denver for a long time and Huckleberry roasters is a favorite. I enjoy seeing them grow. Slayer Espresso makes beautiful machines, and posts some gorgeous images of their work, and the people using it. I also follow a bunch of wood workers and designers as well. Metal Sculptor Albert Paley in New York, and furniture designer/woodworker Jared Rusten in San Francisco are two my my favorites. There's a lot of great inspiration on social media, I need to keep up better on it.

You can find Peal Mfg. at and on Instagram

Thanks Thomas! Supplies are limited so get one before we're sold out: Artis Coffee Custom Pour Over Stand