Acaia - The Best Way To Perfect Your Brew

Tell us about how Acaia got started?

Acaia is the result of three coffee geeks’ desire to improve on the learning and brewing experiences of coffee. From various disciplines – mobile app development, product design, marketing – the three cofounders identified what was missing from a scale in the market and set out to create a scale that filled that void. [Ed - for those not familiar, the Acaia Pearl was the first scale to connect to a smart phone, giving you unprecedented detail of each pour over coffee.]

What's an upcoming/new project you're working on?

We are currently working on releasing a black scale, to be nicknamed the Black Pearl. Black is a color that we offered in a limited quantity for our Kickstarter edition. It was a high demand request and after many months of working on this, we are near the final stages of release. To create black, we spray paint the inside of the top. It needs to be black enough to show that it’s black, but translucent enough to show the LED numbers through. The quality assurance process of this product has been very tricky.

What's your go-to coffee drink/brew method?

Personally, I opt for a V60 in the morning. It’s easy and I can make it even in my sleep-deprived state.

Was there a coffee/cup of coffee that changed your life?

Great question! I had a coffee experience that changed my perception of the drink. In the earlier years of MadCap in Grand Rapids, I visited on a Sunday for a coffee prix-fixe menu. They added a white tablecloth, beautiful flowers & had a table service. Via a nice, printed menu, you were able to choose either a flight of espresso or a the same coffee in 3 different forms. Each of the three parts were brought out separately, accompanied by a paired fruit. The entire experience elevated coffee for me & helped me understand that perception and environment can alter one’s views of a beverage that many still pay $1 a cup for.

The Acaia Team: Nick, Rex, and Jenn!

What social accounts do you follow to stay up on what's brewing?

Love what @bryanschiele & @losantiville do with their coffee photos. Coffee culture is well-documented by @aguynamedpatrick, @thecoffeetographer & @lifeandthyme. We also enjoy the overseas accounts of @mattydeangelis, @six_impossiblethings, @lastguest_hh.


Thanks Jenn! We offer the OG Pearl in the shop, and look out for the Black Pearl when they're stateside!