Chaga Elixir & Chocolate

Amazing Powers of Chaga Mushrooms in your daily cup

The Chaga Company products are the easy, delicious way to enjoy the amazing benefits of chaga and turkey tail, scientifically-proven superfoods with unparalleled anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. We’ve combined the finest natural ingredients with the latest scientific research to create teas, tinctures, powders and edibles which deliver radical levels of antioxidants, adaptogens, and phytonutrients in a decadent package without harsh chemicals or side effects.

Among the health benefits demonstrated by recent studies (mostly focused on beta-glucans, betulinic acid, lanosterol, and PSK):

  • Immune system adaptogen, promoting normalized performance in the face of stress, disease, and infection

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral

  • Anti-ulcer, anti-gastritis properties; prebiotic to promote gut health

  • Anti-cancer adjuvant – decreases the side effects of chemo-therapy and other aggressive medication

  • Anti-oxidant properties, revitalizing, anti-aging

  • Normalizes cholesterol levels, beneficial for the cardiovascular system, supports a healthy blood pressure

  • No side effects and no contra indications – prompting body to heal itself