Ethiopia Konga

The Konga Cooperative brings us this wonderful washed Ethiopian offering while continuing to provide and improve in their own community. As one example, the cooperative recently renovated multiple buildings at the local primary school and outfitted the classrooms with new supples. Investing in the future of their community has cemented the Konga Cooperative as a wonderful group to work with and we are proud to support the efforts of those who give back. 
This coffee has a typically sweet aroma that is reminiscent of many Ethiopian coffees, with faint hints of lemon. The flavor is strong and delicate at the same time. A wonderful note of stone fruit and apricot introduces a beautiful floral, jasmine like finish, and a crisp sweet lemon acidity that will leave you wanting more and more of this subtlety complex coffee. 

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit and apricot with hints of lemon and a floral jasmine finish

Elevation: 1950-2300 meters

Varietal: Indigenous heirloom cultivars

Processing: Full washed and dried on African beds

Producer information:  YCFCU - Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Konga Cooperative. This region is well-known for its consistently excellent coffees. 


There’s nothing better than fresh coffee - that’s why we only roast when you order, and ship the same day. Most coffee arrives in 2-3 days right at the peak of freshness! 
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