Sulawesi Toarco Jaya

Origin: Sulawesi
Region: Central mountain region in the southern part of the Sulawesi Island.
Estate: P.T. Toacro Jaya
Soil: Volcanic Loam
Altitude: 1,400-2,000 meters
Variety: Typica (S-795)
Harvest: May-July
Process: Fully washed and dried on patios.

Our Sulawesi Washed Toarco Jaya is cultivated by the Toraja people. This is an indigenous group from the central mountain region in the southern part of Sulawesi Island (formerly known as Celebes), Indonesia. Sulawesi Washed Toarco Jaya coffee comes from the PT Toarco Jaya, a joint Japanese and Indonesian coffee venture established in 1976. This coffee venture has a long history of economic development and improvement to the social environment in the region. Sulawesi coffees are processed using the wet-hulling method in which the cherry is stripped off by a mechanical depulper and the parchment is allowed to ferment overnight on the bean without adding water. The next morning, the parchment is thoroughly rinsed in tile lined channels and laid out to sun dry. To ensure quality, every lot is cupped five times between the patio drying and the final bagging. The result is a beautiful and balanced cup of coffee bringing exciting flavors of pomello, honeydew, blackberry, and molasses.

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