Fellow Ode grinder Gen 1

Fellow Ode Grinder: The Next Generation of Home Coffee Grinding

Elevate your home brewing experience with the Fellow Ode Grinder, a revolutionary coffee grinder designed with precision and professional capabilities in mind. Ode isn't just a grinder; it’s a complete reimagining of what a home grinder can be, focusing on optimizing your daily brewed coffee like never before.

Key Features:

- Specialized Brew Grinder: Unlike other grinders that juggle espresso and brewed coffee, the Ode Grinder excels in perfecting the art of brewed coffee. From the finest Aeropress to the coarsest cold brew, Ode ensures exceptional results in every cup.

- Professional Grade Flat Burrs: Equipped with 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, the Ode Grinder offers an extensive range of 31 grind settings. This allows for unmatched precision and consistency, no matter your brewing method.

- Single Dose Loading for Freshness: The unique single-dose loading feature ensures maximum freshness for each grind. By grinding only what you need, Ode maintains the integrity and flavor of your coffee beans.

- Expanded Capacity and Streamlined Design: With a redesigned load bin for smoother bean feeding and an expanded 100-gram catch cup, the Ode Grinder is ideal for both single cups and batch brews. Its streamlined design not only looks great but also fits perfectly in any kitchen.

- Quiet Grinding with Automatic Stop: Experience quiet and efficient grinding with an automatic stop feature, ensuring ease of use and peace of mind.

- Innovative Anti-Static Technology: The new anti-static technology reduces grind mess, making your brewing process cleaner and more enjoyable.

- Compact Footprint and Magnetic Catcher: Despite its vast capabilities, the Ode Grinder boasts a compact footprint, fitting effortlessly into any space. The magnetic grind catcher is a convenient addition, keeping your grounds neatly in place.

- Award-Winning Development: Years of development have culminated in this award-winning next-generation home brew grinder, setting a new standard in coffee grinding.

The Fellow Ode Grinder is the upgrade every coffee enthusiast has been waiting for. It’s more than a grinder; it’s a gateway to exploring an array of coffee flavors and textures, ensuring each brew is a unique and satisfying experience.

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